DSRC Colloquium - June 22nd, 2020 – AstroInformatics + An Ignite-Talks Session

AstroInformatics+ An Ignite-Talks Session

• A New Approach to Periodicity Detection by Prof. Shay Zucker (Tel-Aviv University) 


A New Approach to Periodicity Detection by Prof. Shay Zucker (Tel-Aviv University)

In Astronomy, periodicity is pervasive in many forms: from rotation of asteroids,

through the orbits of binary stars, to stellar orbits around the Galactic Center. Thus,

detecting periodicity in astronomical data, which are often sparse and unevenly

sampled, has always been a staple of astronomical research. Astronomers use an

arsenal of methods to perform the task, none of them is perfect, and most of them

rely on some arbitrary assumptions or parameters. The most popular ones are

usually inspired by Fourier theory and essentially search for sinusoidal periodicities.

This talk will present a novel approach to periodicity detection – the Phase Distance

Correlation periodogram (PDC) - which is nonparametric, model independent and

computationally elegant. PDC is an application of some very recent developments in

statistics, and it opens up new horizons in the field of periodicity detection. It can

easily be extended to detect periodicities of new and unknown types, in various

modalities of data, not necessarily in Astronomy.

The talk will introduce the basic ideas of PDC, highlight its novelty, and demonstrate

its advantages in some types of data.

• Cosmic sunsets and cosmic voids by Prof. Doron Chelouche (Haifa Center

for Theoretical Physics & Astrophysics)

• On the use of constraints in statistical analysis by Prof. Ori Davidov

(Department of Statistics)

• Geographical Roots of Cultural and Linguistic Traits by Dr. Assaf Sarid

(Department of Economics)

• Ontology-based decision-support systems to enhance patients’

wellbeing by Prof. Mor Peleg (Department of Information Systems)

• A Seven Nation Consortium Using Healthcare Registry Data to Study

Autism Spectrum Disorder by Prof. Stephen Levine (Department of

Community Mental Health)

• Data-driven research in information science by Prof. Daphne Raban

(School of Management, Faculty of Social Sciences)

• Reverse Engineering the Prices of Spot Instances by Prof. Orr Dunkelman

(Department of Computer Science)

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