Detecting and exploring bird migration by weather radar

Nir Sapir and Inbal Schekler - Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology
Ilan Shimshoni - Department of Information Systems

Machine Learning
Deep learning
Neural Networks


Seed Grant 2020

Early warning systems can prevent collisions between birds and aircraft. Inbal Schekler, a Ph.D. student at the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, together with Professor Nir Sapir and Professor Ilan Shimshoni (Department of Information systems) from the University of Haifa develops methods for detecting large birds using weather radars. This will allow quantifying bird migration over large spatial scales, in which no other existing tool can detect birds nowadays. Their work will produce important tools and information for advancing ourunderstanding of the aero-ecology of soaring bird migration and for decreasing the risk of collisions between birds and aircrafts. Why detecting birds? So we can easily understand the factors that influence the migration and therefore to forecast the migration, for better  understanding of bird migration, for conserving the birds and for aviation flight safety.    Labs websites: