The Data Science Service unit

The DSRC’s service unit offers support and guidance on research projects conducted at the University of Haifa, involving data science applications in multidisciplinary researches. The unit provides assistance in data collection & storage, data analysis,  model development, and visualization. In addition we advise on research proposals and writing papers.

The unit specializes in supporting:

Problem Definition

Assess data sources availability and recommend tailored data science strategies to address the research questions.

Data Collection

Source data from research measurements, sensors, web scraping, images, video, text, etc. Organizing database structures on local or web-based servers.

Advanced Data Analysis

Including multivariate statistics, time series analysis, and a variety of visualization techniques.

Model Development

Utilizing techniques such as supervised/unsupervised machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, pattern recognition and more.

Additional Support

Assistance in writing papers and research proposals, along with workshops, seminars, and consultation sessions.

Data Scientist

Dr. Imri Aharoni

Ph.D. in hydrology and water science management from Ben-Gurion University. The doctoral research: “Characterization of Water Flow and Chemical Evolution in the Waste Body, Vadose Zone, and Groundwater”. Specialized in developing predictive analytics using Machine Learning, and Deep Learning methodologies in Python environment.

To schedule an appointment please email Imri Aharoni: