Research Associates

Dr. Irith Ben-Arroyo Hartman

Caesarea Rothschild Institute (CRI)

Research Areas: Graph theory, Algorithms, Applications to transportations science, user modelling, and network science.



Dr. Alex Abbey

Department of Information Systems

Research Areas: IComplexity and Network Science.


Dr. Israel Rachevski

Department of Economics

Research Areas: Innovation, entrepreneurship.

Esraa Aborome

Department of Biology

Research Areas: Data science.

Post-Doc Students

Department of Computer Science

Dr. Chen Gafni

Research Areas: NLP.



Dr. Hayim Shaul

Research Areas: Applied secure computation.



Dr. Elad Denenberg

Research Areas: Decision Making , Planning


Dr. Huang Senyang

Research Areas: Cryptography.



Department of Statistics

Dr. Meng Xu

Research Areas: Functional Data Analysis, Semi/Non-parametric Statistics and Financial/Bio-Statistics.



Dr. Angshuman Roy

Research Areas: Statistics.


Dr. Taeho Kim

Research Areas: Nonparametric Estimation.

Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology

Dr. Aparna Lajmi

Research Areas: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.



Dr. Chih-Chi Lee

Research Areas: Bioinformatics.


Center for Theoretical Physics & Astrophysics

Dr. Gabriel Cotlier

Research Areas: Geoinformation and Goespatial Big Data Analysis.



Dr. Carina Fian

Research Areas: gravitational lensing, reverberation mapping and active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Gravitational microlensing use to reveal the size, geometry and kinematics of AGNs.


Department of Human Biology

Dr. Thomas Hsiao

Research Areas: Bioinfoatics.


Shaked Shanas

Research Areas: Gene regulation.

Department of Marine Technology

Dr. Shlomit Sharoni

Research Areas: Remote sensing, Marine biogeochemistry and Ecology.

School of Psychology

Dr. Galit Peysachov

Research Areas: Feature engineering and extraction, cluster analysis, time series analysis 


Dr. Tohar Dolev-Amit

Research Areas: Machine learning.

Dr. Liron Rozenkrantz

Research Areas: High-dimensional data analysis, dynamic system, combining model-based and model-free approaches.


PhD Students

Department of Information Systems

Marcelo G. Feighelstein

Research Areas: AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision.

Alexandra Kogan

Research Areas: Clinical Decision Support.

Evgenia Wasserman Pritsker

Research Areas: Natural Language Processing, User Modeling, Social Media.

Nir Lotan

Research Areas: Machine Learning, Neural networks, NLP, Social and Graph Embedding, Computational Social Science.

Julia Sheidin

Research Areas: Information Visualization.

Saeed Amal

Research Areas: Natural language processing, Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems.

Magali Segal Stolarsky

Research Areas: digital archaeology

Avital Shulner Tal

Research Areas: Algorithmic Transparency and Fairness.

Veronika Bogina

Research Areas: User Modeling and Recommender Systems.

Hagit Ben Shoshan

Research Areas: Big Data, text analysis

Department of Computer Science

Jonathan Muehlstein

Research Areas: Deep Learning, Continual Learning, Meta Learning

Jeryes Danial

Research Areas: Big data.

Netzer Bar Am

Areas: Computational linguistics.

Shibam Ghosh

Research Areas: Security, Cryptography and Cryptanalysis.

Reut Shani

Research Areas: Machine learning.

Yoni Stern

Research Areas: Virtual Reality, Computational Behavioural Analysis and Psychosis.

Gili Goldin

Research Areas: NLP, computational linguistics, machine learning, deep learning, AI.

Department of Statistics

Harold Ship

Research Areas: Optimization and Control.

Department of Biology

Anna Bakhman

Research Areas: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Tamam Abdul Ghani

Research Areas: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Inbal Schekler

Research Areas: Bird migration and image processing.

Felix Glinka

Research Areas: Bioinformatics

School of Psychology

Avigail Bar Sella

Research Areas: Machine Learning algorithms

Tal Ben David-Sela

Research Areas: Psychotherapy session efficacy

Nur Givon-Benjio

Research Areas: Psychology, Cognition.

Lisa Simon

Research Areas: Neuropsychology and Big Data algorithms.

Talmon Alexandri

Research Areas: Big Data algorithms

Maryana Daood

Research Areas: Computer engineering and brain science.

Elinor Abado

Research Areas: Cognitive neuroscience.

Einav Gozansky

Research Areas: Cognition and Pain Perception.

Vanessa Cywiak

Research Areas: Cognition-Emotion and psychopathology.

Department of Marine Biology,
Charney School of Marine Sciences

Osnat Weissberg

Research Areas: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Jennifer Hennenfeind

Research Areas: Microbial Oceanography.

Charney School of Marine Sciences

Tzabar Dolev

Research Areas: Computer Vision, Underwater Autonomous Systems

Department of Marine Technologies,
Charney School of Marine Sciences

Matan Yuval

Research Areas: Benthic Community Ecology, 3D photogrammetry, semantic segmentation.

School of business administration,
Faculty of Social Sciences

Nadeem Azaizah

Research Areas: Data science in healthcare

Lina Portnoy

Research Areas: social networks, knowledge management

Department of Economics

Mahmod Ayoub

Research Areas: Big Data and Capital Markets.

Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences

Omer Dar

Research Areas: Interoception in Mindfulness, Machine Learning algorithms.

Masters Students

Department of Information Systems

Gur Arye Yehuda

Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Machine Learning.

Rami Bishara

Research Areas: NLP, Machine learning

Yanir Marmor

Research Areas: Complex networks, Big data and Graph algorithms

Yazan Asaad

Research Areas: Data science in social media

Eti Shtaingart

Research Areas: Prediction

Keren Segal

Research Areas: Big Data algorithms, sentiment analysis, Twitter.

Olga Seleznova

Research Areas: Machine learning algorithms.

Ogen Drukerman

Research Areas: NLP, Deep learning.

Maya Reiner

Research Areas: Data Mining and Data Science.

Ehud Sussman

Research Areas: Data Visualization, Systems Biology, Math and Computer Science Education.

Shaked Briller

Research Areas: Biomedical Data Science.

Qais Abou housien

 Research Areas: Big Data Integraion

Department of Computer Science

Ben Mussay

Research Areas: Deep Learning and Big Data.

Elad Talbi

Research Areas: Machine learning & neural networks.

Liat Nativ

Research Areas: Natural language processing.

Matan Fintz

Research Areas: Deep Learning, Cognition and Decision Making.

Sapir Levi

Research Areas: Deep Learning.

Yacov Manevich

Research Areas: Security, Cryptography.

Mohammad Salama

Research Areas: Computer vision and deep learning.

Yair Marom

Research Areas: Big Data and AI.

Yuli Zeira

Research Areas: Natural Language Processing.

Department of Statistics

Amit Donner

Research Areas: Statistical modeling of noisy data, Computational Statistics and Machine Learning.

Alon Goodman

Research Areas: Healthcare

Nachi Lieder

Research Areas: All Data science-based, time series, deep learning, applied, data augmentation, anomaly detection.

Roy Elmakayes

Research Areas: Survival analysis, fairness and bias.

Department of Biology

Adeeb Abu Elhija

Research Areas: Bioinfoatics (Immunology).

Ziva Shapiro Tuchman

Research Areas: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

School of Psychology

Shaked Rosenblum

Research Areas: Big Data algorithms, AI, Automated data aggregation and mining.

Areen Khatib

Research Areas: Mixed design repeated measures, ANOVA, Regression.

Department of Marine Technologies,
Charney School of Marine Sciences

Shunit Truzman

Research Areas: Deep Learning Based Navigation.

Artur Shurin

Research Areas: Autonomus Navigation.

Rebeca Chinicz

Research Areas: Marine Technologies, Signal Processing and Machine Learning.

School of business administration,
Faculty of Social Sciences

Efrat Marmur

School of business administration, Faculty of Social Sciences

Research Areas: Transparency of experience goods.

Department of Economics

Farid Srouji

Research Areas: Economics.

Yosef Mentzer

Research Areas: Behavioral Finance, Machine Learning for Economics.

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Tom Avikasis Cohen

Research Areas: Big Data, Geoscience.

Liat David

Research Areas: Computer vision.