DSRC Colloquium - April 27th, 2020 - An Ignite-Talks Session

The upcoming event will consist of a series of <10mins talks by DSRC members, aiming to foster collaborations, promote science, and also enjoy each other's company. In addition, we hope that this gathering will promote multi/inter-disciplinary participation in the coming VATAT calls for funding in DS. To this end, our coming colloquium will be uniquely broad-scope and feature fascinating talks that cover a fair fraction of the science done at the DSRC. Specifically, the topics covered included :.

· Information Security & Crypto

· Neural Networks

· Deep Learning and Applications

· Marine Sciences & Technology

· Biomedical Informatics

· Bioinformatics & Drug Design

· Online Communities

· Decision Making

• Eyal Privman (Evolutionary & Environmental Biology) - Genomic basis for the evolution of sociality in ants

• Uri Hertz (Cognition) Using cognitive models to study humans and machines

• Tomer Sagi (IS)- Why is integrating scientific datasets so hard and what can we do about it?

• Daniel Sher (Marine Biology) - Data Science, Oceans and Microbial Conversations

• Adi Akavia (CS) - Privacy-preserving machine learning training and prediction

• Roee Diamant (Marine Technologies) - Derivation and applications for the normalized matched filter

• Danny Keren (CS) - Silence is the essence of wisdom: reducing communication in distributed systems

• Judith Somekh (IS) - Methods in biomedical informatics to better understand modern diseases

• Rita Osadchy (CS) - Deep Learning & Applications

• Uri Hershberg (Human Biology) - The study of a immune cell populations as an example for the study of multi agent biological and social systems in the age of big data

• Ofer Arazy (IS) - Computational Social and Organization Science: Investigating Online Production Communities

• Mickey Kosloff (Human Biology) - Decoding the structural basis for specific protein-protein interactions - from cell signaling to corona.

We envision a vibrant meeting with ample opportunities to interact during the meeting via virtual “coffee breaks” using breakout rooms in zoom. Unfortunately, refreshments are on you this time….

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