IBM and GE-Healthcare internship - introduction to the projects

The Data Science Research Center of the University of Haifa supported 6 graduate students in 3-month internship programs at IBM and GE-Healthcare!

Two students worked at GE-Healthcare:
*Artur Shurin (Marine Technologies) developed a very accurate algorithm that can identify the exact location of caliper landmarks on an ultrasound images.
*Shunit Truzman (Marine Technologies) worked on Anomaly detection in structured clinical data (using HL7 FHIR standard) using Deep Learning approaches.

Four students worked at IBM:
*Yuli Zeira (Computer Science) worked on detecting escalation in the state of a chatbot-client dialogue at an early stage of the conversation, using classic machine learning methods ad state-of-the-art methods.
*Alex Kogan (Information Systems) used machine learning to identify possible future melanoma and kidney cancer patients.
*Roi Almakias (Statistics) worked on FreaAI -- a product by IBM that automatically finds weaknesses in machine learning models. It is integrated into IBM services.
*Marcelo Feighelstein (Information Systems) built an AI-based application able to interpret flow charts on images and answer questions based on such interpretation.


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