IsraHCI 2022 - The Israeli Human-computer interaction conference - 15.6.2022

IsraHCI - The Israeli conference on research in Human Computer Interaction

June 15th, 2022. 09:00-17:00

IsraHCI was a one-day conference held at the Hecht auditorium at the University of Haifa (see
The conference brings together academics and practitioners who are interested in the broad field of human-computer interaction to talk and hear about the latest research in the area.

The conference included a keynote speaker, a panel, 13 talks, 16 posters and 7 demos. 190 people registered to the conference, coming mostly from Israel, with several guests from the U.S.

The keynote, given by Prof. David Karger from MIT, discussed systems and methods to empower participants of online discussion forums, providing them with richer, more expressive tools. The panel which included Prof. David Karger, Prof. Tsvi Kuflik, Dr Aya Soffer (from IBM) and Dr. Noa Mor was about responsible and explainable AI, discussing how to design AI systems that would be more ethical and understandable to users.

The conference was organized by Prof. Joel Lanir from the information systems department and Dr. Sarit Szapiro from the education faculty.

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