Risks and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

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The Data Science Research Center in the University of Haifa  is organizing a special panel on:
"Risks and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence", in our next MeetUp group
HaNamal Campus (16 Hanamal St., Haifa)
Michal Rosen-Zvi (IBM)
Erez Berkovich (Rafael)
Ran Gilad-Bachrach (Tel Aviv university, Microsoft)
Ran Wolff (Yahoo)
Hagit Hel-Or (University of Haifa,  Computer Science)
Eldar Haber (University of Haifa, Law School)
Arnon Keren (University of Haifa, Philosophy)
The panel will discuss the risks of AI (such as privacy violations, discrimination, accidents and loss of life, manipulation of political systems, rise of the machines..) and the ethics and safeguards that  should be put in place to prevent such disastrous repercussions (transparency policies, control protocols, etc).
The panel consists of a mix of experts from the industry and researchers from the university, offering different perspectives on these very important issues.
We expect a lively discussion that would be of great interest to many, from practitioners of AI and data science to the general public.
We also invite the audience to submit questions to the panel of experts.

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